According to the rules of the UE Regulation 2016/679, this page reports how the personal data of web users are handled when they consult the pages of this site and use its communication tools.

This policy does not apply to other sites or Internet resources reachable by links from this site.

Categories of data

This site acquires only browsing data or information explicitly and voluntarily provided by the visitor who use some function by filling and sending forms.

Browsing data

Browsing data are those acquired by the systems and the processes of the software related to this site. They are implicitly sent by the browser within the HTTPS network protocol. These include, for example, the IP address or the domain names of the devices used by visitors. The software that processes the pages of this site obtains also some information about the device and the browser used in order to obtimize the rendering, and some parameters included in the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the requested pages after the question mark of the URL, needed to processing the requested resource. These data are obtained exclusively for the browsing within the site and are limited to the HTTPS instance handled. No browsing data are stored because their use ends when the server releases the requested page to the browser.

Browsing data for statistical purposes

This site does not collect this category of data. Some data may be acquired for statistical purposes by search engines, managed by third parties, when the visitor reaches pages of this site from a search engine.

Data provided by the visitor

This category includes the information explicitly and volutarily sent by the visitor if he fills the forms in the Comments and Email sections:


This website does not use any cookies, technical, profiling, or of third parties. The navigation features used in this site and aimed to tracking are based only on the browsing data and they have the only purpose of sending back the visitor at the referring page, when he accesses some resources (p.a. link to the bibliography or the glossary).

Data controller

The data controller is Giancarlo Dessì, editor and holder of this website. Further information about the editor can be provided upon explicit request by e-mail, through the Contacts or Email. Due privacy reasons, the address of the editor will be provided esclusively with the reply to private messages.

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